Institute For Precision Health

Affordable Chemosensory Monitoring 

Rudolph Design Studio has partnered with the Institute for Precision Health at the University of Notre Dame to envision, refine, and deliver a series of advanced, clinically effective, and affordable biomedical diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to market. The design goal is simple: intuitive, cost-effective, safe, elegant. Smart. The olfactometer system shown here takes advantage of recent advances in vaporization technology, gas sensors, and an understanding of olfactory biomarkers to provide quantitative, accurate, and early detection of COVID-19 induced anosmia (loss of smell).


  • Workflow development
  • Ergonomic evaluation
  • Industrial Design
  • UI wireframing
  • Design refinement

The result of our collaboration is an intelligent, comfortable, and low cost chemosensory testing system utilizing machine learning to evolve testing regimens as patients’ sense of smell adjusts to various odorants. The system, still in development, will have implications for a wide range of industries and applications. 

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