Rudolph Design Studio is proud and humbled to continue to provide design and development leadership for Dynocardia, a wildly innovative MIT start-up developing the world’s first accurate, continuous, and noninvasive blood pressure monitoring system. The Dynocardia team has, not surprisingly, been making waves in the industry, establishing partnerships with leading healthcare organizations, expanding their team through extensive VC funding, and taking home an auspicious win at this year’s Massachusetts Innovation Network’s Eddy Awards, all while establishing the new standard of care for continuous BP monitoring. 

From Dynocardia: “There continues to be no standalone, accurate and continuous, noninvasive BP monitor on the market. The importance of addressing this need, an NIH priority, has not diminished. ViTrack technology is fundamentally different from all existing BP technologies and remains uniquely positioned to address this critical need. ViTrack is the first technology to independently measure BP continuously with the accuracy of invasive arterial pressure lines irrespective of patient movement or wrist position relative to the heart. Moreover, ViTrack can also continuously measure heart rate, respiratory rate, and other advanced cardio-hemodynamic parameters to offer an accurate, cost-effective, connected, comprehensive monitoring solution.”

To learn more about Dynocardia, their technology, and future plans, visit there website: